Blow Torch Review – A Brief Guide to Blow Torch

In the past decade, the range of cooking techniques available to everyday home cooks has exploded.  Reaching towards the artisan in terms of food preparation, taste, and design, these tools have helped those who love cooking and do not have access to a restaurant kitchen prepare their favorite meals.  In particular, the kitchen torch is an exciting tool that provides a great deal of versatility in food preparation.  Let’s take a moment to review what the kitchen torch is, what it can do for your cooking, and what you should consider when owning and operating this excellent piece of kitchen hardware.

What Is A Blow Torch?

Also known as a cooking torch, or blow torch, the kitchen torch is a small, handheld blow torch that is capable of creating a localized, sustained flame.  The benefit of the cooking torch is that it heats and quickly cooks whatever you are pointing it at.  For example, if you need to say, melt cheese over a finished dish or caramelize vegetables, then the kitchen torch can help you get this done quickly and effectively.  The alternative typically requires more time.  In addition, it may require an oil to help crisp.

Where Can I Get A Kitchen Torch?

A blow torch for kitchen use can be purchased online, as well as many cooking specific brick-n-mortar stores.  The kitchen torch will be designed for ease of use and easy holding.  Most models are designed to fit into the palm of your hand, weighing around 12 ounces.  Restaurant models can be even bigger, designed for repeated use and as a result are far sturdier.  Expect them to be far more expensive as well.  Creme brulee torches will typically come with a safety latch that must first be disarmed prior to use. The average price of a cooking torch can range from $40-$60.  More expensive models can cost upwards of a hundred dollars.

Things To Consider:  Getting Gas

A lot of kitchen torches will run on butane.  You should be aware that many states and countries have shipping restrictions on explosives.  While you will be able to order a blow torch online, you will have to buy the fuel locally.  The fuel canister should come with the product empty.  Be sure you find a provider as it will be difficult to repeatedly use the kitchen torch without a refill location.  In addition, be sure to read what kind of fuel the torch uses before purchase, as it may use something other than butane and be more of a challenge to find.  The fuel attaches to the back end of the torch, and is typically screw on, screw off.


While the kitchen torch typically comes with a safety, it can still be damaged if not handled appropriately.  Be aware that the heat from a cooking torch is far lower than an industrial blow torch.  That being said, it can still cause a lot of damage. First, second, and third degree burns are most common.  Be aware of where you are aiming and what you are wearing during use.  Keep the nozzle clean and only clean when the safety is on the blow torch.

Should I Get A Kitchen Torch?

Issues of safety aside, the cooking torch can be an incredibly fun and versatile cooking tool that helps you to prepare an even wider array of dishes with unique textures and consistencies.  A must for those who love to play with the creation of their food, a kitchen torch is a great idea if you love being adventurous in the kitchen.

Blow Torch Reviews

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