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 There are certain things that are irreplaceable at home’s kitchen and can be a perfect gift to friends or relatives, this is why we would like to review best blowtorch range that people can buy. There are so many products on the market but we have chosen something that we believe is the best based on certain criteria. In this article we will list what we believe to be the top five products.

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Top 5 blowtorch 

1. Dremel F0132200JA Versaflame gas blowtorch. This model is undoubtedly one of the best things that could be purchased today. It has the classical style shape with its balloon being on the stand and the nozzle being mounted at forty five degrees, which makes it very comfortable to be used at all times. It also features Piezoignition system, has 42 ml fuel tank capacity and variable temperature setting. It is a very safe device and in order to add even more safety it has safety child lock mechanism. It also has flame lock and removable foot. All in all it is considered to be an all-rounder with the price tag of less than USD 40.00. 

2. Rothenberg butane gas micro soldering torch kit. This is a budget tool and regarded to be one of the best buys when money will have to be saved and the main objective of heating staff on the kitchen will have to be reached. It has three in one functions, which includes sodering, providing hot air and the use of a torch. It has a very stable operation system along with manual ignition. It provides moderate temperature and sufficient for variety of different applications. It also has the stand so it could be located on the kitchen properly in virtually any place. One year warranty will ensure total peace of mind as well as its power is equivalent to electrical one of 30-70 W. the price at different retail stores comes at around USD 25.00. 

3. Rothenberg soldering and brazing torch kit. This is a premium product, which does not come cheap by any means. However, these who are prepared to spend around USD155.00 will never be disappointed with the purchase. It is suitable for professional chiefs and being used as a home appliance. It has instant automatic ignition system, anti-flare and extremely high heat output. The features of this product are virtually impossible to be listed but virtually everything that such tool may have is included. It also comes with high temperature soldering mat and bags for variety of tools that come in a package. It has a classical shape with the stand and the nozzle pointed at seventy five degrees. That is why it is included in our review best blowtorch list. 

4. Zonmini blow torch lighter culinary. This is a very unique budget tool that is ideal for gifts and for use at any home. It looks is simply outstanding as it has a bended curved shape, which makes the appliance look very slick and modern. It is priced at only around USD17.00, which makes it a perfect buy for virtually everyone. Its maximum temperature come at around 2370F and has adjustable flame intensity. It is extremely safe and has Piezo ignition system alongside with the feature of multiple level flame option, which can be done with a push of a valve. It also has a manual lock so that it will be impossible to be used without unlocking it. Outstanding throughout! 

5. Edal kitchen butane torch lighter. This is probably the cheapest appliance that we have managed to find with the price tag of around USD10.00. For such price it looks amazing and has decent quality too. Classical shape with the stand and the nozzle pointed at forty five degrees makes the tool to be very functional. It can produce the heat that is equivalent to 1300C and has the feature of safety lock. It is ideal for crème brulee, BBQ,  hiking, cooking and doing general staff on the kitchen. It has a very modern switch design as well as Piezo automatic ignition system. At the end of the day this is a marvelous kitchen appliance, which costs so little and there is so much you can do with it! 


Our review best blowtorch includes the appliances that we believe are the best in terms of the price and what you will get for your money on the basis of quality, design, functionality, features etc. It is solely our own opinion, which does not advertise anything or trying to persuade you to buy the products. This is something that we have seen on the market and found it attractive. There are could be more items in our list but we have chosen the top five that we think were the best!

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