Best Creme Brulee Torch Reviews

Newport Zero Gold Creme Brulee Torch

Newport Zero creme brulee culinary cooking kitchen torch & welding jewelry making butane torch lighter. High intensity adjustable jet flame (Up to 2400 F). Includes safety lock, piezo ignition & quick refill system – 10″ Gold. A light weight jet torch lighter with an ergonomic design. The continuous burning time per tank (per refill) is about 36 at maximum fuel volume. Fuel tank capacity: 35 ml (1.18 fl oz). It can be refilled 8 times for each 300 ml (10 fl oz) gas canister.

Customer voted #1 satisfaction! Use high quality butane gas and suggest to refill with newport refined butane gas. It does not come with butane canister (sold separately)



EurKitchen Professional-Grade Culinary Torch

Durable and lightweight professional-quality chef torch offers unparalleled flame consistency, reliability and attractive aesthetics.

Gas Flow Regulator dial easily adjusts for a continuous flame of up to 6 inches and a temperature of 2370°F/1300°C. Industry standard Piezo press button ignition provides reliable and immediate lighting.

Ideal tool for caramelizing sugar on crème brûlée, browning tarts and meringues, toasting marshmallows/s’mores, melting cheese, charring vegetable and fruit, glazing ham and other meats, searing seafood, and much, much more.

Gas Flow Regulator Safety Lock protects against involuntary lighting. Built in hand/finger guards protect against the flame’s extreme heat. NOTE: Keep out of reach of children.

Quickly refill with any brand of butane (not included). NOTE: Please ensure Gas Flow Regulator dial is closed/locked when filling with butane.

Rosle Kitchen Torch

Temperature goes up to 2372 degrees F

Ideal for caramelizing creme brulee or roasting peppers

.04 Qt gas reservoir guarantees up to 60 minutes of operation with a continuous flame

Features an adjustable gas dial to regulate flame size and a child resistant safety switch

Lifetime Warranty