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How to Refill a Butane Blowtorch

Step 1

Flip the blowtorch upside down, base or handle bottom facing up, to access the butane refilling valve.

Step 2

Hold down the valve with a small screwdriver, or anything small enough to fit will do the job for about 15 seconds. This releases the gas buildup within the valve.

Step 3

Place the nozzle from the butane refill into the valve on the lighter while the lighter valve faces up. Apply firm, gentle pressure to the can to release butane into the lighter. The lighter will make a slight hissing noise as it receives butane. If butane escapes, remove the nozzle from the valve and reseat it so it does not leak.

Step 4

Pull the butane refill can away from the lighter once the lighter is approximately 80 percent full. Look for a viewing window on your lighter to determine how much fuel is inside; if it does not have one, remove the refill can once you think the lighter is full or when it sprays butane out of the valve, indicating the lighter is full.

Step 5

Wait 10 minutes after refilling the creme brulee torch before using it.

Step 6

Turn the lighter’s flame setting to the lowest level, or in the direction of the minus sign. Slowly turn the dial back in the positive direction to adjust the flame while using the lighter.